Introducing our new puppy, Frankie!

This toy is actually bigger than me!

This post will be a bit photo heavy! I hope you enjoy all the pictures of our new puppy!

I’m sure that most of you know already, but our dog situation has taken another little turn. I’m sure most of you will remember that we originally purchased a French Bulldog puppy named Chester. When we first visited him, Chester was only about five weeks old and we were not able to take him home with us immediately. During the weeks that he was still living with his birth family, the problem that the breeder believed was only a minor cosmetic defect grew into an issue that may be difficult to manage down the road (I won’t go into details). Given everything that we are going through right now, the breeder recommended that we instead bring home the other remaining puppy in the litter: her name is Frankie!

Can’t sleep without a Santa!

Of course, we initially had mixed feelings about all of this. We are ecstatic to welcome Frankie into our family (and honestly we do prefer having female dogs), but we are also sad that Chester is having so many issues and we are concerned for his well being. The breeder has assured us that she will be watching his development and making sure that he gets the treatment and care that he needs and her family is lovely so we hope that he will be all right.

Yes, I am the cutest puppy the world has ever seen!

We have completely fallen in love with Frankie. She is feisty and independent and loves to play (though thankfully she has much less energy than Daisy did as a puppy). She’s got a great personality, is very friendly with other people and she’s making progress on house training. Of course, the main thing she’s figured out so far is that there’s a possibility she’ll be fed a little while after anyone spends some time in the kitchen. House training has been a bit challenging due to the winter weather. We brought home our last puppy in the summer, so it was easy to manage scooping her up whenever she would eat or drink something and plopping her outside on the patio so that she could wander around the back yard and figure out where she wanted to go. We didn’t want to salt our back patio because we knew it would be difficult on Frankie’s paws and it has snowed a fair bit where we live recently. This has made our back patio a bit dangerous and dicey. We’ve had to anticipate Frankie’s moves and then try to get a leash on her and take her outside before she’s fully ready to go. She’s been improving every day, so I hope that, with time, everything will work out nicely.

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words and support on social media. I hope that some folks will get to meet Frankie soon — I can’t wait to start introducing her to my friends! Enjoy a few more photos below!

Places to go, hooves to chew!
Sleepy, big-eared baby!

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